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HFSLIP 2000 is a modified version of HFSLIP. It offers several improvements over the original HFSLIP, such as slipstreaming of Windows XP and Server 2003 updates into Windows 2000, better compatibility with newer versions of Windows, and several bug fixes. Despite its name, HFSLIP 2000 is compatible with Windows 2000, XP and Server 2003. You can download the script together with a detailed changelog below.

Download HFSLIP 2000

Basic how-to use HFSLIP is available at Mimo's website (now accessed via Wayback Machine). The original version of HFSLIP can also be downloaded from there. Note that using HFSLIP 2000 is mandatory for the updates listed here, many of whom are not supported by the original script. You should always use only the newest available version of HFSLIP 2000, and also remember to always run the script as Administrator in newer versions of Windows. For other help with HFSLIP and HFSLIP 2000, post your query in the HFSLIP Forum at MSFN.